We’re vegetable farming in the Wood River Valley.

In our experience, growing food can catalyze community life. We’re blessed to call the Wood River Valley home, and above all hope to be part of creating a healthy food system that helps Idaho’s landscape and people to prosper. Our vision is vibrant, diverse, and nutrient-dense vegetables integrated into a dynamic landscape of animals, pastures, perennials, and people.

2019 is our first year of production. We carved a few acres out of a hay field on a historic property just south of Bellevue using soil-building and “beyond organic” cultural practices. We’re not certified organic, yet, but never use any short-cut, synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our focus is intensively growing a diverse array of the highest-quality vegetables fit for both home and restaurant kitchens. We’re planting just about every crop that is viable in our high desert climate and extending the season through greenhouses and high tunnels.

This year we are planning to market our food at the Hailey and Ketchum farmers’ markets and through our community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscription program. We’d love to meet you, so we hope to see you at the market or that you will visit us on the farm.